Buddy Biancalana, former MLB player, presents...

Zone Motion Quiz


Answer using a 1 to 10 scale. 10 is best.

1. I feel like I have a lot of time to react while playing.

2. I am able to make a last split second adjustment.

3. My motion is always fluid.

4. I am able to make a quick mechanical adjustment in practice.

5. I can incorporate a new mechanic into a game rather quickly.


6. When my mechanics are off, I can correct them very quickly.

7. Every time I play, I am confident that I will play at least fairly well.

8. I remain confident even when I do not play well.

9. I am definite as to what must happen in my brain to play my best.

10. I rarely make consecutive mistakes.

11. I experience very little, if any, fatigue when playing.


12. I experience very little muscle tightness or soreness the day after I play.

Add up your total score.

If you scored 94 or better, you are in the Zone fairly often. Nice going!

If you scored between 65 and 93, you are in the range, but not there.

If you scored less than 65, you have a ways to go!

Regardless of your score, Zone Motion can help.

Write and tell us your sport and your score!